Training with Ziv Mazor in Tel Aviv

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Thursday 5th – Friday 6th September 2019

Selecting the Least Invasive and Predictable Approach Utilizing the latest Innovative approaches: Osseodensification, LPRF and Ground Dentin – A 2 day course with Ziv Mazor in his new state

CPD Credit 14 Hours

About this course

This unique hands-on course will present the most current scientific evidence and clinical practice advances in bone regeneration surgery. It will address the confusion and disagreement that persists over when to use which approach as well as the limitations and risks of the current techniques.

The lateral window osteotomy (LWO) has been the most frequently utilized and published approach to sinus augmentation, presumably because there
are no bone height restrictions and it provides the surgeon with more visual control; it is however, considered to be invasive, time consuming and expensive. As a less invasive alternative to the LWO, transalveolar techniques can obtain a localized elevation of the sinus floor through a crestal osteotomy, minimizing the degree of flap elevation and eliminating the need for preparation of a larger bony window in the lateral aspect of the alveolus. Most clinicians are anxious to expand the clinical utilization of the minimally invasive transalveolar approach, but are reluctant to do so, based on perceived limitations and confusion generated by the myriad of reported modifications, all proclaiming simplicity with more sinus elevation at reduced risk.

Recently introduced burs (Densah®) have the potential to densify, expand and apically displace the residual subantral alveolar bone improving
primary stability and providing 2-7 mm of sinus floor elevation. Prof . Mazor will share his clinical experience using these burs in the moderate to severely atrophic posterior maxilla and explain why osteotomes are now rarely used. A minimal invasive procedure utilizing balloon will be presented in the most severe atrophic cases eliminating the need for a lateral approach. In addition, the hands-on model portion of the course will be used for practicing the different techniques from osseodensification using Densah® burs to utilization of ground extracted teeth as an autologous graft material and the utilization of an autologous platelet concentrate to enhance healing and regeneration with the LPRF BLOCK® protocol.

Aims and Objectives

Sinus anatomy/CBCT analysis: Influence on procedural selection and outcome
Critical analysis of available transalveolar techniques
Osseodensification : application in simultaneous and staged sinus lifts
Graft material selection- Smart Dentin Grinder applications.
Collection and Application of L-PRF
Common Intra- and Postoperative complications: Minimization and Management