Go Slim: Mini-Implants and the Atrophic Ridge

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What does this course cover?

  • • The concept and evolution of the mini-dental implant (MDI)
  • • A method to restore edentulous arches with MDIs
  • • The use of the Slimline implant system
  • • Complications and tips for success in MDI cases

Aims and Objectives

  • To present an alternative implant technique that conserves bone and which can stabilise loose dentures for patients not suitable for conventional implant therapy.
  • To discuss how the use of mini-dental implants can enhance the scope of treatment for patients with severely atrophic ridges when conventional dental implants may not be an option.
  • To see how the mini-dental implant concept has evolved over the last 10 years to become a viable part of the dentists armamentarium today.

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15th May 2019 – Dentale Shrewsbury, 29th November 2019 – Dentale Shrewsbury