Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies in various places to improve your browsing experience and also to provide us valuable information in determining the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns (which helps keep our products affordable).

This page lists all the cookies together with the information on how long they will be stored on your computer.

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Third Party Cookies

First-party cookies are the cookies that we set for Dentale Training; third-party cookies are cookies on Dentale Training that come from different domains. An example of a third-party website that may use cookies on Dentale Training is YouTube™. We often feature product videos on our website that are hosted on YouTube. Although the videos are made by us and displayed on Dentale Training, the content actually comes from YouTube, which is a third-party domain; therefore you may receive a YouTube cookie. We don’t control the setting of these cookies, so it’s worth checking the third-party website for more information about their cookies and how to manage them.

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Cookies set by Cookie Control

When the user consents to one of the optional cookie categories, Cookie Control will place a cookie to remember that decision. The name of the cookie will be the name of the category. That cookie will be removed when the user revokes consent to that category.

In the example of section 4 above where there are three categories, if the user consents to all of them, three cookies will be placed in their browser with the following names: analytics, marketing and social sharing.

To change your cookie preferences click the ‘settings’ or ‘tools’ button on your browser or you can find out more at or To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, please visit