LonDEC Densah® Bur & ImplantPilot™ Practical Course

Next course date: Saturday 19th November 2016 at LonDEC, London

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A course enabling you to compare your conventional implant placement to using an ImplantPilot™ guide and to experience the sensory feedback of the Densah® burs by Versah®.

We are pleased to announce that we have secured Dr Salah Huwais DDS, the developer of the Versah who is flying in from the U.S  for the course. This will be your opportunity to meet Dr Huwais and hear his presentation.

Course Aims and Objectives

  • • To demonstrate guided surgery and to show how it can improve accuracy of placement. To compare free hand accuracy of placement to using a guide.
  • To provide the opportunity to experience the haptic feedback of the Densah® burs by Versah®.
  • •  To make the delegate aware of the practical uses of Versah® burs and how Osseodensification can improve their implant practice.
  • •  On completion of the course the delegate will have gained knowledge of Osseodensification allowing them to implement it into their practice.
  • •  Be knowledgeable about the ImplantPilot® guided surgery system and be in position to decide if they wish to implement it into their implant practice and the next steps to take to facilitate this.

The Day will Include

  • • Lectures, demonstrations on models and the opportunity to measure your own implant free hand placement against that using a guide.
  • • Hands on sessions using the Versah® burs and the ImplantPilot® guide and software.
  • • Refreshments and lunch will be provided.


Are implant guides more accurate than freehand placement? Are the Densah® burs an improvement on existing ridge expansion techniques?

If you are interested in helping us test how accurate ImplantPilot® guided surgery is compared to freehand, we are looking for a group of people with different levels of implant experience to take part in this study. Numbers are limited.

We will offer a flight to The US to the Versah Symposium for any dentist that is able to place more accurately without the guide as part of the study.

The course gives you the opportunity to flight test both of these technologies in a hands on environment, take part in the study, should you wish and hear presentations from the developers of both systems, providing information on the technical aspects and case presentations.

Saturday 19th November 2016 at LonDEC, London

Course: LonDEC Densah® Bur & ImplantPilot™ Practical Course

Tutor(s): Salah Huwais, Jason Buglass & Philippe de Moyer

Verifiable CPD: 7 Hours

Price: £499 +VAT

Course Date: Date at Clinic

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