DASK™ Sinus Lift One Day Course

Next course date: 25th November 2017, Bothwell, Glasgow

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What does the course cover?

  • Basic anatomy
  • • Use of the DASK system
  • • Augmentation materials
  • • Complications of contraindications

Who Should attend?

This course is suitable for all experienced implant dentists.

Course Aims

This course aims to increase an implant dentists understanding of the skills required to perform a sinus lift and demonstrate the correct use of the DASK system.

Course Outcome

At the end of this course we would expect an experienced implant dentist to be able to safely undertake a sinus lift procedure using the DASK kit.

Course notes will be available on the day and lunch and refreshments will be provided for all delegates.

Considering adding Sinus Lifts to your implant treatment portfolio ?

For several years Implant dentists have been negotiating the sinus floor and looking for solutions to insufficient residual bone height. These solutions have ranged from horizontally placed coaxial implants, short implants and surgically moving the sinus membrane and utilising bone grafting to increase bone height. The DASK kit was released in 2009 and as such has become the equipment of choice for this procedure for many implant dentists.


“The Dask is the most important tool for the restoration of the posterior maxilla, and the last thing I can do without. I have not torn a single lateral window since starting using the Dask” Peter Fairbairn

“The DASK sinus kit is unreal! After a giant leap of faith this kit does exactly what it says on the box Nigel Saynor

“A really important development” Paul Stone

“Very Impressive” Michael Norton

“It’s so quick and easy. It’s allowed me to do sinus lifts for patients who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to stand the procedure.” Lidia Ferritto


The Dentium Advanced Sinus Kit (DASK), a series of specifically designed surgical drills and curettes, was developed to make the process of membrane elevation, quicker and safer. The DASK can be used for crestal as well as lateral approaches. Hydraulic pressure from sterile saline and drill pump raises the membrane to allow the bone of the sinus floor to be breached and to keep the membrane intact.

As with all equipment it is important that the clinician is knowledgeable about its use, indications and limitations and to this end additional training is advised.

Dentale training clinics are able to offer a sinus lift course that discusses sinus anatomy, treatment planning, case selection, radiographic assessment, patient suitability, classification of tears, complications, pricing and costs.


Course: DASK™ Sinus Lift One Day Course

Tutor(s): Keith Webster – GDC 58237

Verifiable CPD: 7 Hours

Price: £1375 +VAT

Course Date: 31st October 2017, Dentale Bristol

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25th November 2017, Bothwell, Glasgow

Course: DASK™ Sinus Lift One Day Course

Tutor(s): Keith Webster – GDC 58237

Verifiable CPD: 7 Hours

Price: £1375 +VAT

Course Date: 25th November 2017, Bothwell, Glasgow

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